Why uPVC?

Let’s learn more about the benefits of long lasting and easy to maintain uPVC products, let’s dig into the numbers and studies.
Return of investment
Replacement of old windows is an investment! VENTA WINDOWS products have an excellent heat insulation characteristics and this helps you to save on heating expenses. You can save the same amount that you have paid for windows just after 5.5 years (depending on the region‘s prices for kwh, your current windows U-value, new windows U-value and opening type).
Thermal insulation
VENTA WINDOWS uPVC products ensure high energy savings and reduce heating costs. The U-value of our windows can be as low as 0.72.
VENTA WINDOWS, as your windows provider, is concerned about your long lasting satisfaction. To meet your expectations, our uPVC products are certified by Norwegian Door and Window Control (NDVK). The uPVC products also have Enova authentication, which certifies that VENTA WINDOWS products have a U-value lower than 1.0.
Excellent sound proofing
uPVC profile systems have multiple chambers inside the profile structure while the hardware system is equipped with multi-point locking system to ensure proper closing and tightness. This efficiently reduces noise disturbance. The minimum sound insulation is 34 dB and it can reach as high as 47 dB.
To secure the home against thieves, uPVC window has a glass list inside of it. For personal security we also deliver windows with laminated or tempered glass.
PVC windows are easy to care for
High quality uPVC windows are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. State-of-the-art uPVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions. All you need is dish washing liquid to clean the window frames.
Environmentally friendly
Our products contain absolutely no lead, they are approved as environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled. But don’t take our words for it and check with Harry van Ewijk’s (IVAM, Research and Consultancy on Sustainability) report “Environmental impact analysis PVC” http://www.ventawindows.com/file/6.pdf According to his findings, PVC scores the best, in comparison with other materials. All sections VENTA WINDOWS uPVC can be reused or recycled. And Venta Windows provides only 100% recyclable products.
You can also learn about the ways that PVC helps to save and stay safe in this informative video, released by the British Plastic Federation

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