Pressure equalization with AIR vent

November 5, 2020

Differences in temperature, climatic stresses and especially differences in altitude typical for high mountains areas lead to build-up of excess or negative pressure within insulated glass. The resulting tension and excessive loads can lead to glass breakages and premature ageing. With AIR vent, the simple component implemented in edge of glass spacer, this tension is greatly reduced, as it equalizes and balances the pressure between the surrounding environment and the insulated glass and therefore offers a higher degree of safety.


New uPVC windows and doors catalog

October 15, 2020

Just recently we have updated main uPVC windows and doors catalog revealing our full range according to uPVC products categories including all available series: ARCTIC, E-PASSIVE, ARCADE, NORDLINE, ELEGANT and PRESTIGE.


New design hinges Dr.Hahn

October 8, 2020

We start October with improvements for our entrance and terrace doors. Starting from 02.11.2020 new design hinges Dr.Hahn KT-V 6R will be implemented on terrace and entrance doors: ARCTIC, E-PASSIVE and ARCADE. Take a glance at all visual and technical benefits.


Internal Condensation. How to avoid it?

September 10, 2020

Central heating, cavity wall insulation and high insulated windows provide comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate, but this combination are parts of the reason of forming condensation due to “shutted” moisture in the rooms. Consumers often consider this type of condensation to be a defect of new windows, rather than a product of their living conditions.


Summer holidays

July 3, 2020

Our factory will be closed for vacation from July 20th till August 6th, 2020.

During this period we will have reduced staffing in our office and extra waiting time should be expected.


How to avoid external condensation

June 18, 2020

While highly insulated uPVC windows deliver comfort and energy savings, the more we insulate our homes and windows, the greater the external condensation is forming potentially impairing the view and causing the glass to look dirty by highlighting traces of pollution, rain or detergents. Knowing the reasons, possible precautions and solutions, it will be easy to maintain the most comfortable indoor climate and the clearest view to enjoy your external surroundings.