Security and safety is one of the most sensitive topics – everyone wants to feel safe at their home. According to statistics, more than 80% of intruders are breaking through windows or doors. Below you can see a list of improvements that can be acquired on the products to make them even more secure:

Secure handle.
Does not allow the intruder to open the window from outside.
Lockable handle.
The handle is locked the window can‘t be opened neither from outside nor inside.
Higher safety fittings.
We offer fittings with mushroom locks inside the groove of lock case and the only way to open the window is now by turning the handle.
Safety glass units.
We can offer you safety glasses – laminated and hardened. It increases the strength of the glass and also makes it safe from injuries. If desired it is even possible to make your glass bullet proof.
To secure the home against thieves, uPVC window has a glass list inside of it.

We can offer two options to protect your children from opening windows:

Handle with buttons – to open the window 2 hands are required and children are not able to push 2 buttons and turn the handle.
Hook that is operated by hand and is completely invisible when window is closed. It allows to open the windows partly, the window can be fully opened when the hook is removed. Read more.