Maintenance free



uPVC windows are extremely easy to care for and require minimal maintenance because you don’t have to repaint them. But you should still clean and care for uPVC windows regularly as for any other product. We recommend to follow this regular cleaning procedure:

Do not usecaustic fluids!
Because uPVC window profiles have smooth surface, they are easily cleaned and maintained. For normal cleaning of the frame surface use a solution of mild dish washing liquid or ordinary household soap. Do not use scouring agent and paint thinner as you would only roughen up the beautiful smooth surface.
Lubricate fittings!
Lubricate the fittings twice a year to ensure ease of movement at all times, use household oil (machine oil).
Care for the seals!
Rub the sealsin the frame once or twice a year with sealing agent to keep them soft and in good working order. For this purpose use an absorbent cloth.

Correct and easy handling will ensure you long and lasting enjoyment of our production!
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